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Green Estate Pilot: Fields Estate going green?

October 9th, 2011

First Solar panels power Hackney estate

Hackney is leading the way to save energy and help 3d visualisering residents cut their bills by
usng the power of the sun.

The first solar panels have been installed on Linslade House in Haggerston
generating power for the 50 property block. The energy savings can easily be
seen via a visual monitor in the communal area on the block and tenants and
leaseholders will see the reduction in their energy bills within months.

The green sportsbet initiative has the backing of the local TRA and Whiston Road
residents who have been closely involved in the free instagram followers project. It is part of the Green
Estate pilot aimed at reducing energy consumption and saving money on fuel
bills for residents of Whiston and Goldsmiths Estate.

Cllr Philip Glanville, Cabinet Member for Housing, Hackney Council said:
“Times are tough with rising energy bills. That is why Hackney Council is
investing in solar power to help residents save on their bills and also make an
impact on the environment. This marks the beginning of a green programme
on estates right across the borough which will also include replacement of
thousands of boilers to new energy efficient models as well cavity wall and loft

We want your views

August 1st, 2011

Look out for posters on the noticeboards – the estate has money to spend and we want your opinion on what to spend it on

Fields Estate Part Two

July 26th, 2011

Here you have some ideas.

Current Entrance Low Rise Block

Artist Vision of Entrance Fields Estate

Could we use this for the Tower?

Welcome to London

July 15th, 2011

Love London fields. No bbq in the park? Have your say on Hackney website.

Hackney E8

July 13th, 2011

A little bit of history.

Fields Estate or Morland Estate

Broadway Market 1986

New Estate Signs : Proposal

July 8th, 2011

Dear Resident,

During last night TRA Meeting ( 07/07/2011) was decided to investigate re-designing the signs for each stairwell.

Here you have sample created by another estate.

We will soon come up with 2/3 design for a new Fields Estate Sign.Orthotic Slippers


Beechholme Estate Sign

Hackney Queensbridge Safer Neighbourhoods Community Advisory Panel (CAP)

July 1st, 2010

Annual Meeting Wednesday July 7th At 7:

Queensbridge Sports & Community Centre
30 Holly Street

What do you think should be the Priorities for tackling crime in your area?

Come and tell us – join the meeting – get involved!

The Queensbridge Safer Neighbourhoods Community Advisory Panel (CAP) is made up of community residents such as yourselves, who meet regularly with the Police Safer Neighbourhoods Team to set the policing priorities for the Ward. We then work with residents and other agencies, including Hackney Council, to find lasting solutions to reduce crime in our area and increase residents’ sense of security.
The CAP meets every two months with the police and partners. This year we have decided to hold an open meeting to which you and other key persons concerned with safety in the Ward, are invited, and we encourage you to bring other residents you think could be interested, including members of TRAs, residents’ associations Neighbourhood Watch groups and representatives of local businesses.

At this meeting, HERE, we will tell you about the work we have been doing but we are also looking to recruit new CAP members, and some existing members need to stand for re election. We are particularlycinterested in recruiting younger people, parents of children resident in the Ward and representativesof local business and community groups.
What crime related issues concern you as a resident of Queensbridge Ward?

Attached is a list of policing priorities. The CAP, from time to time, has to select three of them which it thinks are the most important for the Safer Neighbourhood Team to adopt. Which ones matter to youmost? Come to the meeting and let us know.

This will ensure your views count. In fact, if you would like to have more input or get more involved, think about joining the CAP. You can stand forelection at the meeting or give us a call, or simply have a word with any one of our team you see out on patrol. car accident claims

  • Download the list of policing priorities.
  • Japanese Knotted Weed

    June 15th, 2010

    After few exchange of email with Hackney Homes I have realized why the Japanese Knotted Weed has spread so fast in the back garden.

    It was first identified 4 years again Fields Estate and nothing was done to prevent spreading and moving.

    Look at the two pics taken within 2 months :

    Japanese Knotted Weed

    Here some info about this weed:

    Knotweed do’s

    • Do follow good practice for the control of knotweed.
    • Do ensure that herbicides are used safely and effectively.
    • Do ensure that knotweed is burned or composted thoroughly, within the cartilage of your property.
    • Do co-operate with neighbours to co-ordinate your knotweed control programme.

    Knotweed don’ts

    • Do not fly-tip Japanese knotweed, or any other garden waste.
    • Do not contaminate green waste composting schemes with knotweed material.
    • Do not accept topsoil unless you have first inspected it for knotweed rhizome.
    • Do not delay. If you find you have knotweed growing on your land you should eradicate it.

    I’ll keep you up to date.



    June 4th